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Official announcement during the exhibition opening on March 21st at the Arsenale of Venice


Arte Laguna Prize is pleased to announce the names of the three winners in the category Business for Art, the special awards were created in collaboration with three leaders of Made in Italy operating in the fields of wine, design and fashion.

For the brand Pas de Rouge by Gritti, the winner is ​​Loop, a studio based in Bologna dealing with multimedia creations. In order to enhance the company's "Soft appeal", the studio conceived Besides, a multimedia installation suitable for walls or shop windows. The project includes mirrors, motion sensors, LED screens, commanded by a hidden mini pc, where the interaction with the viewer, or in this case with customers in stores, is the core of the installation . In Besides, the viewer is reflected on a seemingly ordinary mirror, on whose surface fluffy and light elements like feathers, ribbons and petals do fly once in a while, as well as a hole with the words "Blow here", inviting the viewer to interact. It is breath that activates the work and triggers original communication of the Pas de Rouge products.
The Loop studio wins 10 thousand euro for implementation of the project, that will be used by Gritti for their shop windows.

The winning project for Maurizio Riva, owner of Riva 1920, the historic furniture company based in Cantù is the one of architects Michele Arcarese and Pierre Busnelli, who with their Studio have designed Bri.Pop, a console created to tidy small everyday-life objects. The architects from Rome have given new life to briccola wood, from water to the domestic sphere, enhancing the texture of the wood from the lagoon: the roughness of bark and the thousand furrows carved by mollusks and creating an ironic object, with many stories to tell.

The farm La Tordera from Valdobbiadene, has chosen instead the work of Daniele Misani for the creation of a new label for a limited-edition wine line. The watercolor on paper entitled "Spatial coordinates", expresses best the artistic and sensory vision of the theme "natural balance - feeding the planet" that perfectly fits with the company's keywords: Natural Balance, meaning the search for a sustainable agriculture environmental, economic and social terms, giving rise to the production of a clear, healthy and easy to drink prosecco. The artist is awarded a prize of five thousand euro, and will see his work reproduced on the best wines of La Tordera, and will be the protagonist at major events during Expo 2015. A union between art and business that the Arte Laguna Prize has consolidated over the years and that has been eagerly welcomed by the business world, which saw the endless creative potential that lies in artists, architects, and designers. For the ninth edition of the prize the common thread for the three companies in the Business for Art section is craftsmanship expressed in three different fields, all enhancing the strength of Made in Italy.

The winners will be officially announced during the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, March 21 at 6 pm at Nappe Arsenale in Venice, together with the awarding ceremony of the 6 overall winners, who win a prize of 7 thousand euro each and the winners of all international collaborations with foundations, galleries, and exhibition spaces.
On view through April 5 at the Arsenale, the works of the 115 finalist artists from around the world, for the sections of painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art, performance and land art, the new category created in collaboration with Thetis company; while the Telecom Italia Future Centre will display the 5 works of virtual and digital art, 5 ways to express art through new technologies: computers, tablets, applications and installations. Admission is free for both exhibitions and for the opening ceremony.


WINNER PAS DE ROUGE: Loop, Besides, 2015.jpg >>>

WINNER RIVA1920: Studio architettura Michele Arcarese e Pierre Busnelli, Bri.Pop, 2015.jpg >>>

WINNER LA TORDERA: Daniele Misani, Le Coordinate Spaziali, 2014 .jpg >>> #artelagunaprize #premioartelaguna

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