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Arte Laguna Prize promotes the reuse and sustainability of plastic materials together with Corepla Consortium and Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Together to award sustainable, original and creative art, this is the aim of the synergy born among Arte Laguna Prize, Corepla (National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic packages) and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, through the Ca’ Foscari sostenibile program.

Since 2015 Arte Laguna Prize has created a special section dedicated to Art and Sustainability promoting a sensitization of the artistic gesture, of creativity, of design and in general of the visual and performing arts towards the Reuse Recycle Reduce strategies. The Prize receives the moral patronage of the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea.

Arte Laguna Prize, through art, aims to raise awareness within the local and international community to the issues of sustainability, specifically enhancing the RRR (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) strategies with a focus on the recovery and valorization of certain materials. For 2018 the ARS Prize: Art Reuse and Sustainability will focus on plastic and, in particular, on plastic packagings, with the support of the Corepla consortium.

The winner, who will win a cash prize of 3.000 €, will be selected by a special commission including, in addition to Igor Zanti, curator and head of jury of Arte Laguna Prize, also Ca’ Foscari University and Corepla. The official announcement will take place during the opening of the finalists’ exhibition on March 16th, 2019 at the Arsenale of Venice.

More information and the terms and conditions are available on www.artelagunaprize.com


Corepla (National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic packages)
Corepla is the national consortium for the collection, recycling and recovery of plastic packages, established in accordance with law decree 22/97 and currently regulated by Law Decree 152/06. With approximately 2.600 member companies belonging to the plastic packaging supply chain (producers of plastic material, producers of plastic packaging, users who self-produce their packaging, companies that recycle or recover plastic packaging waste), Corepla guarantees that the plastic packagings collected in 7,000 Italian Municipalities are recycled and recovered with efficiency, effectiveness and economy.

Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Since 2010 Ca' Foscari University of Venice, through the Ca' Foscari Sostenibile program, has been promoting sustainability, including it as a perspective within all the University's activities. Every year Ca' Foscari is committed to encourage actions and behaviors that reduce the impact of the university on the environment and natural resources, and to promote community welfare, social equity and economic development. Moreover, the Venetian University creates engagement projects for internal stakeholders and for the entire community, involving diverse subjects - local, national and international - in order to promote the dissemination of a model of sustainable development, through the exchange of best practices and the union of different scientific and operational skills. Since 2013 Ca' Foscari develops the theme of Art and Sustainability, working with national and international institutions for the realization of projects that emphasize the connection between sustainability and art.

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