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Candace Couse   Art Residency:  Art Stays Festival
Location: Exhibition Space Art Stays, Murkova ul.5 Ptuj, Slovenia
Winner Artist: Olga Lah, Los Angeles | United States 1980
Open Studio: Friday, July 26th 2013, 2.00 - 6.00 pm

Friday July 26th, Olga Lah, winner of the Special Prize “Artist in Residence”, will present her installation during the 11. Festival of Contemporary Art ART STAYS
Program of the events dedicated to Olga Lah:
2.00-6.00 pm OPEN STUDIO - Exhibition Space Art Stays
7.00 pm ARTIST TALK - main stage

Art Stays
ART STAYS 11. Festival of contemporary art | www.artstays.si
24.07 - 01.09.2013 Ptuj, Slovenia


2012 was a landmark year for the Art Stays International Festival of Contemporary Art. We celebrated our 10th anniversary and played an important role in the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012, which brought much attention to the exceptional cultural offer of Ptuj.

This year we are back with a programme full of new events: from local to international, from large-scale to intimate. The 2013 festival includes projects that outline the current situation in the world of contemporary, especially visual art. We named it EXPOSE on purpose, as we do not wish to give it a common thread other than to show the diversity of contemporary art of the world. The festival’s audience is varied and Ptuj is not a large city, so creating narrowly focused projects would not bring the desired results. Over 25,000 people visited the festival last year and we hope that the number will be even higher this year.

The festival gives us a sense of community through the celebration of art and culture, people and places. There is nothing more exciting than seeing people gather at events on the main stage, which will be located in the beautiful surroundings of the old Slovenski trg square again, or in the exhibition spaces located around town and beyond.

The festival is here to inspire, please, entertain, and challenge.

We present and host artists that shine in museums and biennales worldwide, and artist that will shine in the near future. We aim to show works by the currently most established artists and simultaneously wish to promote local artists and art environment in order to help our region become an even more important cultural destination, which is also reflected in the fact that we are opening up our exhibition spaces and stage this year to many Slovenian artists and taking Slovenian art into our partners’exhibition spaces abroad.

We understand that culture and the tourism associated with it is one of the important potential ways out of the current economic and social crisis; the city of Ptuj has been reaching beyond its borders in recent years and appearing on European cultural maps as an important player. We are proud of the role that the Art Stays festival has had in the creation of this new story, and I invite you to experience it with us.

Jernej Forbici, Art Director