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Loft Miramarmi Art Residency  

Art Residency:  Technymon Art Residency
Venue: Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
Winner Artists: Carlos Cartama, Dina Goldstein e Michael Rotondi
Title of the exhibition: INDIAN SUGGESTIONS
Opening: Saturday October 19th 2013, at 6.30 pm
Date: 19.10.13 - 07.11.13

The Indian gallery Sakshi Gallery, hosts creative works produced by Carlos Cartama, Dina Goldstein and Michael Rotondi during their residency period in Mumbai completed by Michael Rotondi and Dina Goldstein in September 2012 and at present ongoing for Carlos Cartama.
The three artists are the winners of the Art Residency at 6th and 7th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize and they had the opportunity to spend one month in Mumbai, engaging with Indian culture and conceiving new creations inspired by the city and its rich local culture. Their works will be exhibited at Sakshi Gallery from October 19th to November 11th.

Sakshi Gallery



Sakshi Gallery opens the Arte Laguna Prize winners’ exhibition in India

On October 19th at 6.30 pm, ‘Indian Suggestions’, an exhibition dedicated to works by Carlos Cartama, Dina Goldstein and Michael Rotondi opens at Sakshi Gallery in Mumbai.

The exhibition is the artistic output of residencies awarded during the 6th and 7th editions of the Arte Laguna Prize, completed by Michael Rotondi and Dina Goldstein in September 2012 and at present ongoing for Carlos Cartama.

The stay in Mumbai is part of the Residency Program created in 2010 by Arte Laguna Prize, which offers artists a new experience in professional growth and production, in an environment that is completely different from the traditional artist studio.

The destination of Mumbai has been selected thanks to the collaboration with Technymon, an Italian company working in the field of mechanics which has been able to make an entry into the international arena by starting operations in Brazil, the Unites States and India.

The residency offers artists a chance to spend one month in Mumbai, engaging with Indian culture and conceiving new creations inspired by the city and its rich local culture. In addition to transportation expenses, accommodation and grants, artists get to exhibit their works at one of the most prominent galleries in the city, Sakshi Gallery, the third partner of the initiative.

The artists on view:

CARLOS CARTAMA (Madrid, Spain – 1976) lives and works between Madrid and Basel.
Caratama’s multidisciplinary work moves between architecture, sculpture, drawing, stage design, and writing. Systematic and subconsciously interested in the suburbs, his work chronicles the transformation of suburban landscape transformation and the dismantling of industrial activity. He is above all impressed by ruins in a way similar to the previous generation’s affinity with the extraordinary beauty of the destruction.

DINA GOLDSTEIN (Tel Aviv, Israel – 1969) lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Goldstein is a conceptual photographer with a background in editorial photography. For her, photography is intended not to produce an aesthetic that echoes current beauty standards, but to evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer so as to inspire insight into the human condition. Her most recent conceptual series, In the Dollhouse, has, as Fallen Princesses did, sparked an international response. She has taken on one of the most powerful symbols of Western culture: Barbie, the idealized woman.

MICHAEL ROTONDI (Bari, Italy – 1977) lives and works in Milan, Italy. Rotondi works on the distortion and manipulation of the descriptive and narrative character of drawing, investigating the relationship between contemporary music, personal memory and folk tradition. After the artist's return to Italy from India, his research has intensified, and sounds, smells, colours and psychedelia have found an entry into his psyche and turned into memory.

Exhibition details

Title: Indian Suggestions
Curated by: Geetha Mehra
Artists: Carlos Cartama, Dina Goldstein, Michael Rotondi
Venue: Sakshi Gallery
6/19 Grants Building, 2nd floor, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005
Date: October 19 – November 7, 2013
Hours: Monday to Saturday | 11 am - 6 pm


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