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Marcus Jansen | Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter

  Special Prize Personal Exhibition
Location: Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter
Winner Artist: Marcus Jansen
Open Day: Thursday 28th November 2013, 6pm
Catalogue: With texts by Alessandro Riva and Alessandra Redaelli

On Thursday November 28th MARCUS JANSEN’s first Italian solo show, opens. The artist was selected by Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter Gallery in Milan, as the winner of the Special Prize Personal Exhibition at the 7th Arte Laguna Prize. The exhibition will be on view until January 31th.

29.11.2013 - 31.01.2014  

Marcus Jansen’s first Italian solo show opens on Thursday 28th November 2013, and runs until 31st January 2014, at Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter in Milan. On display are 20 small- and large-scale canvases presenting not only Jansen’s latest works, some of which have been created especially for Milan, but also some not-so-recent works to give a more complete understanding of the US artist, who is new to the Italian public.

Discovered by Jerome A. Donson, who used to oversee travelling shows for MOMA New York, Jansen is now an established artist, defined by many as a pioneer of Expressionist urban landscape painting. His most prestigious acknowledgements include Best US Artist in 2011 and working with Absolut Vodka. His works also are on display at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

Jansen’s work is configured as an urban tale that unfolds amid mystery and restlessness. What emerges at first glance – a work with an intense surreal metropolitan atmosphere inhabited by both conscious and unconscious – is confirmed in the technique used by the artist, who deals with the creative act like a free flow issuing forth directly from the unconscious, without preparatory sketches. This technique allows him to recreate an original universe where vastly dissimilar figures amalgamate into one complex framework, in an expression of the deeply interconnected world we live in. These enigmatic urban landscapes made up of indistinct farms, prisons and industrial detritus are inhabited by fantastic creatures such as pneumatic horned goats, flying pigs bearing targets, crows perched on wires and solitary clowns. Jansen’s characters have been completely forsaken and populate a sort of limbo, symbolising their pariah status. Anodyne signs proliferate next to these creatures, in the shape of eclipsed suns, abandoned toys, tyres, fences, supermarket trolleys and windows with bars across them.

Literary and historical references are also essential in interpreting the world of Marcus Jansen who is still very sensitive to political themes as well, having fought in the Gulf War. In this respect, the artist emphasises allusions to the Weimar Republic as a parallel to our contemporary society, and also the perfect connection between the Titanic “Ark” and Noah’s Ark in a new allegory, and then references to the Wizard of Oz, one of the most well-known icons in American popular culture. From that Jansen also draws an autobiographical element in the tin man, portrayed in the errant figure of the artist whose only baggage is his wallet.

In formal terms his work is a crossover of Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Graffiti and Pop Art. With an aggressive, spontaneous stroke, Jansen’s canvases display masterly use of contorted shapes and “emotive” colours, which he juxtaposes with various techniques and materials like digital prints, stencils and newspapers.

His most important recent projects include “The Art Album”, a volume that brings together the greatest names in contemporary art with those of the world of music, including Chuck Close, Marlene Dumas, Takashi Murakami and musicians like Jay-Z and Ludacris. Jansen’s work was selected for the cover of the book.

A catalogue with a critical text by Alessandro Riva completes the exhibition.

Exhibition scheme
Title: Marcus Jansen
Location: Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, Milan
Dates: 29th November 2013 – 31st January 2014
Opening event: Thursday 28th November 6pm
Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 15-19h. Sunday and Monday closed.
Catalogue: With texts by Alessandro Riva and Alessandra Redaelli

Public information
Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter
Via Cadolini, 27 – 20137 Milan Tel. 02 58314940 | 347 3100295 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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