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Artists: Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto
Special Prize: Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister

Opening: 11th September at 7pm
Mostra: 11 Settembre - 7 Novembre 2015
Location: Obermünsterstrasse 6 - Regensburg, Germany


Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto, winner of the Special Prize “Personal Exhibition” of the 9th Edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, present their first solo exhibition at the Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery (Ratisbona, Germany).
A selection of the artists' works from 2008 to 2014 is exposed: it allows to deeply know their artistic universe, where they try to explore the most intimate and mysterious aspects of human nature by realizing images that seems to be suspended in a timeless space, at the boundary between real and unreal.
At first glance, the pictures remind the paintings of fin de siécle, in which young femme fatale are portayed as languid and detached, but the meticulousness of the composition, the strong colours and the intense expressivity of the subject bring the viewer back in the present, creating in him the perception of a continuous déjà vu.
Their introspective research speaks a universal language, able to balance melancholy and loneliness with evasion and discovery, by creating evocative images and an ethereal charm.
This continuous dualism between the melancholy part of the human soul and the taste for discovery, leds the two young artists to work on a new theme, that focuses on the connection between universe and psyche, unconscious and dream.
The artworks, that are a fusion of photographic art, cinema, performance and installation, are the synthesis of the skills that enable them to be completely autonomous in the execution of works related to the world of Staged Photography. Sketches and ideas turn into real sets, costumes and props. The scenes are realized with particular consideration for details, in order to be finally immortalized in the photographic image.

Following the success obtained by the solo exhibition, the Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery has decided to expose a selection of their works at the Art.Fire of Colonia.

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