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Artist: Sanja Milenkovic
Location: Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto - Portogallo

Opening: 10th march 2018, 4 p.m.
Exhibition: 10th March - 14th April 2018


The solo exhibition of Sanja Milenkovic (Nis, Serbia) at Galeria Fernando Santos (Porto, Portugal) is opening soon.

“The return to a certain realism in painting – and a return to painting in itself – whose announced end was an exaggeration”. With these words, the Gallery describes the style of the Serbian artist, winner of the "Artist in Gallery" Special Prize at the last edition of Arte Laguna Prize.
Sanja's exhibition at Galeria Fernando Santos is about nature and its conflicts between ethnicity and urban location, placing at the center the human figure and its relationship with the surrounding environment.
Sanja paint in a very istinctive way, using large brushes and different techniques. Her landscapes seem to be moving, and in a certain way they are: they walk on that very thin line that divides reality and abstraction.Nothing is casual: from the ink that drips to the canvas that emerges from the brushstrokes on the background, everything is controlled. Sanja's paintings are based on her memories which change when on the canvas, creating something new.

Colors of Now by Sanja Milenkovic is a project in which the spectator is the protagonist. As a matter of fact, the exhibition features painting of different dimensions that allow the viewer to perceive what is represented in different ways. When the paintings are large, there is the feeling of being an essential part of those landscapes characterized by an unreal atmosphere, you feel free and infinite just like the figures painted by Sanja; whereas in front of the smaller paintings the viewer becomes a sort of voyeur who observes the scene from a priviliged point of view, on the outside looking in.
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