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Matteo Zamgni


Artist: Matteo Zamagni
Location: Anise Gallery, London - United Kingdom
Opening: October 5th 2019
Exhibition: October 5th - 19th 2019


The solo exhibition “Crepuscolo” by the digital artist Matteo Zamagni (Cesena, 1992) stems from the collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and Anise Gallery (London), which has selected Matteo as the winner of the Special Prize “Artist in Gallery” for the 13th edition of Arte Laguna Prize.

“Crepuscolo” is the first solo exhibition in the UK for Matteo Zamagni and will also signify the launch of the gallery’s second space in South East London.

The exhibition includes a new series of prints that will be shown alongside a video screening of Zamagni's short film "Horror Vacui" (2018). The gallery was immediately struck by the imagery, concept and execution of the video. The way Matteo approaches the references to hyper-development and the unfolding global crisis is executed with a captivating skill and attention to detail mixed with an impressive understanding of the medium.

Set in the context of the current ongoing climate crisis, "Crepuscolo" explores the relationship between human hyper-development and geological growth. As the artist states: “I wanted to create an environment in which people can observe the relationship between human and nature, its repercussions and interdependency”. The exhibition focuses on the role of human activity in re-purposing and removing Earth’s resources, and in doing so disrupting world balance. Zamagni’s kaleidoscopic visions of unnatural worlds with man-made industrial structures and architecture of density, in a state of instability and excess, bear the weight of impending ecological disasters.

With the special prizes “Artist in Gallery” Arte Laguna Prize created a format of collaboration with international galleries that gives them the opportunity to view a large array of artistic proposals selected by an international jury and gives artists the chance to have a solo exhibition in prestigious galleries worldwide.

Matteo ZamagniMatteo Zamagni

Matteo Zamagni (Cesena, 1992) is an Italian born, new media artist and director based in London.
He uses technology as a tool to create Immersive and interactive videos, Installations and performances. His works have previously been exhibited at the ICA, The Barbican and Tate Modern.
His research stands between spirituality, art and science to create works that explores themes of consciousness, the body as perceptive interface, the expansive impact of mankind on the ecosystem as well as the recursive relation of natural phenomena spanning across the observable world.

CREPUSCOLO from 05.10 to 19.10.2019 at Anise Gallery – Opening 05.10.2019 from 6pm

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