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Lars Bjerre


Personal Exhibition of Lars Bjerre
winner of the
Special Prize Giudecca 795 Gallery - Venezia
opening: 25th February 2011 at 5.30 pm
dates: 25th February - 8th March 2011
Info: www.giudecca795.com

Next exhibition:
Special Prize Koller Gallery - Hungary Info: www.kollergallery.com
Date: be defined


Lars Bjerre’s (*1975) tragic and broken, yet masculine everyday life heroes complement this year’s Carnival theme ‘Ottocento – The city of Women,’ which evokes Venice’s female nineteenth century heroines. Creating partly shocking, partly ironic sceneries on large-scale canvases, the Danish painter stages his fragile, male characters in an atmosphere of fairy-tales and nightmares. Covered with inconspicuous suits and animal heads-, or masks, the artist’s Personae struggle and fail in a constant process of identification formation: They are in search of escaping their life, their morals, their ethics, their routines and their memories. They seek to slip into another role, or another body – to successfully play an act of confidence. Similarly, the exhibition’s title ‘Personae’ suggests a theatrical aspect in the artist’s figurative work, which explicitly manifests itself in the painting’s narrative mode of representation. Both, the Venice’s elaborate and carnevalesque societies, as well as Bjerre’s transformed men achieve a state of inaccessibility by the means of masks and costumes. As masks disconnect usual anthropomorphic expression and communication, such as empathy, they enable the costumed individual to act as an unscrupulous being – or simply as someone else. And sometimes a mask reveals the hypocrisy of every day life – the act that we play – instead of covering it.

Lars Bjerre - "Personae"
Opening: 25th February 2011 at 5.30 pm
Dates: from 25th February to 8th of March
Event listed in the official programme of the Carnival of Venice

GIUDECCA 795 Art Gallery
Fondamenta S.Biagio 795 - Venice - tel (+39) 3408798327