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Toru takeuchi   Special Prize Personal Exhibition: YvonneArtecontemporanea Gallery
Location: Contrà Porti, 21 - 36100 Vicenza

Winner Artist: Toru Takeuchi, Aomori | Japan 1985
Open Day:
Thursday September 27th, at 6.30pm

On Thursday September 27th SOSPENSIONE, the personal exhibition of Toru Takeuchi, opens. The artist was selected by YvonneArtecontemporanea Gallery in Vicenza, as the winner of the Special Prize Personal Exhibition at the 6th Arte Laguna Prize. The exhibition will be on view until November 3rd and it will feature also Cristina Treppo's artworks.

28.09.2012 - 03.11.2012 www.yvonneartecontemporanea.com


Thursday, September 27 at 18:30 Yvonneartecontemporanea opens the exhibition of Cristina Treppo and Toru Takeuchi. The sunset there is always fascinating. The sunset is the moment when light and darkness coexist. There is no separation between opposites. So we like. As he writes Umberto Galimberti, "the West has established the identity of everything with itself and the rigorous order of its reports. The Universe that is born from this identity destroys every difference, every ambivalence ... The world of dreams is disrespectful of this two principles, as the world of childhood and the world of madness, where anything can be something or something else" Where opposites can coexist. In our language, with our word we can no express that concept. Only the artistic act well done can express this conception of the world.

On the first floor of the gallery are exposed the works of a young and promising Japanese artist , the winner of the special gallery prize at the Arte Laguna Prize 2012: Toru Takeuchi. Toru Takeuchi creates little fantasies in "real" life. In the silence, the sound of a drop of water falling into the glass. Looking at the glass, nothing moves, everything happens in its shadow. What is real? To complete the poetic vision of this artist, the gallery presents his latest wonderful watercolors.

Cristina Treppo presents works that show imprinted delicate textures, stolen objects from memory. It appears our eyes as an object that transmits opposite sensations: heavy-­‐light, feminine-­‐masculine, hard-­‐ soft, present-­‐past. The opposites coexist, as the sunset. A pillow made of concrete loses its functional value but solidified retains all the emotional strength that is its own. Although its specific gravity is changed, perceptually remains soft. The cement is sensitive. Collects all traces of the surface on which it is cast. The artist has mixed and poured the concrete into molds in contact with textures of fabric to make slabs, tiles, bricks and rebuild real floors. The exhibition shows us bricks, pillows, tables,installation of floors in which we find the sense of balance Cristina Treppo, a sense of balance that supports the construction in a physical sense and aesthetic.


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